We set out with a mission to make renewable energy accessible. We found there was a need to do things differently by advancing the know-how to realise our ambition. So we evolved with innovative ways of realising energy access through knowledge transfer.

And we identified girls and women to focus our training on. They complete our 3-6 month training courses and become “Power-Sisters” with all-round knowledge about solar power and the business sense behind it. Thus we bring Women in Renewable Energy.

Our long term relationships with clients through tailored services are enhanced with the increased partnerships struck with our graduating trainee practitioners in the solar energy domain. We continue to evolve – to enhance energy access!

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solar is designed to fit within an existing roof space or landscape layout. 

Once installed, solar systems immediately start working, collecting sunlight and transforming it into usable electricity. To better understand the process, here’s an overview of how solar system work:

  • Solar panels for home consumers begin absorbing sunlight
  • Photovoltaic cells (PV) to convert sunrays into energy
  • Extra energy is either sent back to the grid or stored in storage batteries

How solar systems utilise and store solar energy is sometimes specific to how a solar power company installs a configuration. Wire is available to answer any homeowner’s questions.

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